The Delmarva Sailing School ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing, ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising, and ASA104 Bareboat Cruising Challenge Program is for highly competent sailors who have no ASA Certifications but need or want to gain ASA Certification for ASA101, ASA103, and ASA104 without taking any ASA Sailing Classes.

The ASA Challenge for ASA101, ASA103, and ASA104 is not for beginner or intermediate sailors. Some Intermediate or better sailors may be able to challenge ASA101 and then enter at ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising level. We describe this on the Group Class Descriptions and Prices page of our website. Challenging ASA101 is a common occurance and allows those who already have sailing experience to enter at ASA103 level.

The ASA101, ASA103, and ASA104 Challenge Program is for advanced sailors. Since ASA101 Basic Keelboat and ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising are prerequisites for ASA104 Bareboat Cruising, this means that in order to challenge ASA104, candidates must also challenge ASA101 and ASA103.

There are many sailing backgrounds that might qualify for this. The main thing is that after learning of the candidates sailing background and experience that there should be no hesitation in accepting the candidate into the program.

Here is how the ASA101, ASA103, and ASA104 Challenge Program works:

Candidates submit a sailing resume prior to selection into the program.

Once selected into the Program, the ASA101, ASA103, and ASA104 Challenge Program is conducted over a two day period in which your knowledge and sailing skills are thoroughly evaluated.

We evaluate your knowledge by having you take the ASA101, ASA103, and ASA104 written tests. You must get an 80% or higher on the written tests in order to qualify.

We also evaluate your sailing skills by sailing together so you can demonstrate the skills requirements of all three ASA certifications.

You can see the content of all three ASA certifications by visiting the ASA website certification description pages below:

The Advanced ASA Challenge Program is not a sailing class. Every sailboat is different and we are willing to answer questions about how our sailboat operates but Candidates are expected to demonstrate that they are competent without general instruction from the evaluator. No one should attempt to take the Advanced ASA Challenge Program unless they unmistakably are competent sailors.

Price is $2300 and includes the textbooks for ASA101, ASA103, and ASA104, ASA tests, ASA log book, ASA 101, ASA103, and ASA104 certifications, and use of our sailboat and instructor time. This evaluation is conducted on our 39 foot Pearson sloop.

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ASA101, ASA103, and ASA104 Challenge Program:
ASA 101, ASA103, and ASA104 Challenge Program:
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